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Student Housing in El Paso For Western Tech

Corporate Comforts has been providing extended stay apartments for corporate professionals and those who are often relocated for work. The experience of having to stay away from home for the long-term can be difficult. Work professionals who travel understand this experience intimately. The work they do is critical and they often have important responsibilities they take with them when they travel. Whether it’s to train another work location or to be there to advise, consult, or provide specialized services. Being in an unfamiliar environment is tough on anyone, let alone when you have to perform your job admirably.

It’s no different for students who are leaving home to get an education as well. That’s why Corporate Comforts has collaborated with Western Tech and Independence Place Apartments in El Paso to provide the best student housing for Western Tech students!

The Average Student Living Experience

Many of you reading this have likely spent time in and out of dorms for school or have at least spent a year in dorms. US News reports that the majority of students in the United States live in University Housing of some kind. There are many major colleges that require first-year students to spend that initial year living in the college dorms so that they can get the “college experience”. However, the college experience in the dorms is often predicated entirely on the social environment, NOT the living conditions.

Most dorms are no bigger than a shoebox and are typically lacking in amenities. Look online and you’ll find several humorous yet desperate stories of students making noodles in coffee makers and living in rooms with scarcely enough space for two beds and paper-thin walls that leak sound.

Living in a small space can be stifling. No one likes to feel like they barely have space to breathe. Even more importantly, many small dorms have two people per dormitory room which means there is little to no privacy. While some students are highly social and will not mind this at all, many of the more introverted students will never have time to be alone and recharge their batteries.

When we chose to get involved with student housing, we wanted to provide the students of Western Tech something above and beyond. We chose to help provide student housing that was in the same vein of quality that we provide work professionals in our corporate suites.

Western Tech Independence Place Student Housing

Our apartments are 1400 square foot units that boast 4 separate bedrooms. Each student will have the luxury of not only their own bedroom but also their own baths! That’s right, having your own private bathroom is a luxury that most students do not know. It is not uncommon for many college dormitories to have communal bathrooms for your hall.

While going away to college provides many memorable experiences, amenities, and living situations are certainly not going to compete with the luxuries of home for many students.

However, with our student housing solutions, you get the best of both worlds!

Each bedroom has a full bed and the dormitory is fully furnished. Naturally, a student’s life would be difficult without access to WIFI, but that won’t be a problem here as both WIFI and expandable cable are available.

We’ve talked a lot about amenities and the lack thereof in standard student housing, one of the most important amenities that students might not realize they need until they’re out of the house is a way to do laundry! Our housing units feature a full washer dryer so that students can do their laundry without having to spend time and money going to a laundromat or dry cleaner.

Student Housing in El Paso Western Tech

Independence Place Apartments in partnership with Corporate Comforts is providing quality student housing for Western Technical students in El Paso, Texas! Not only does this provide a spacious and luxurious alternative to many other apartments in the area, but the housing is very closely and conveniently located away from the Western Tech Northeast Campus.

Apartments are rented on a first come first serve basis, so we recommend booking reservations and placing a deposit as soon as possible! At a room rate of $510 per month—which includes utilities (electric up to $100), the Independence Place housing provides an incredible value with its proximity to campus as well as the rate, which proves to be cheaper than many alternative options of comparable size and luxury. That’s the Corporate Comforts way, incredible value and zero compromises on luxuries and amenities!

If you have any questions about our student housing option, please feel free to contact us at (915)-584-5769 today and we’ll answer any questions you have!

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