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Extended Stay, Furnished Apartments, and Corporate Housing FAQ


Corporate Housing is the best kept secret in the temporary lodging world. The industry is known by many different names, Temporary Housing, Furnished Housing, Temporary Apartments, and Serviced Apartments.  Corporate Comforts loves them all, because they all offer a unique solution for our guests looking for a home away from home for an extended amount of time.

Q: Does Corporate Comforts work with individuals as well as companies?

Of course, Corporate Comforts has housing solutions for individuals looking for short term housing and companies looking to house employees on work assignments (or large groups of employees).  We have solutions for everyone.

Q: What do you mean by “Short Term”?

Corporate Comforts requires a minimum length of stay of 30 days. Call a corporate housing professional today 800-579-2550 for details.

Q: What is included in your furnished apartment?

The good stuff. Corporate Comforts takes great pride in keeping up with global corporate housing trends.  In our handpicked furniture and house wares packages you will find amenities such as, flat screen TV’s, premium cable, personal Wi-Fi, washer and dryer in units.  Corporate Comforts ensures your accommodations are move-in ready.  Our clients need only to show up with their personal items.  Perhaps a quick stop at the nearby grocery store would be recommended. Also included, is your very own housing specialist.

Q: What is the difference between Corporate Housing and a hotel?

Everything!  Corporate Housing offers living spaces that are 3 times larger than standard hotel rooms. We encourage our guest to get to know their neighbors (they will be there more than a night or two). Do you enjoy cooking your own meals? Full size kitchens are standard in all of our accommodations. This allows our guest to maintain healthy eating habits and reduce restaurant expenses.  Another benefit of corporate housing is leaving your items intact while you travel for work or return home on weekends, knowing your items are secure in a residential community. This peace of mind supports productivity. is