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TDY Lodging in El Paso: Top Choice for the Military

When looking for TDY lodging in El Paso, Corporate Comforts is the top choice for many members of the military. Whether you will be coming alone to stay in El Paso for several months or you will be bringing family members with you for your temporary duty assignment, Corporate Comforts can provide you with a place to live where you will feel right at home.

At Corporate Comforts, we are a top choice for TDY lodging in El Paso because we understand the unique needs of military members. We know that you may need to find temporary lodging on short notice and that the length of your stay may be uncertain. We understand that you want a trouble-free place to live with quiet neighbors so you can focus on doing your job. We provide you with everything that you are looking for so you can get settled in.

Our TDY lodging in El Paso is affordable on the budget provided for housing by the military and you will get many amenities and features when you choose Corporate Comforts. You can choose from the size unit and the floor plan that works for you based on whether you are coming alone or bringing others with you. You can enjoy a fully-furnished and fully equipped place to live that has attractive furnishings and that is a comfortable place for you to relax and unwind after a tough day.

Comfort Comforts not only offers turn-key apartments in a welcoming environment, but we also have pools, gyms and other amenities that you can enjoy while at home. Look no further than Corporate Comforts if you want the very best in TDY lodging in EL Paso. Give us a call today to find your temporary home. 11601 Pellicano Dr. El Paso, TX 79936 | 915.584.5769

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