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Due to the United States’ large military population as well as our borders with Canada and Mexico, government housing is useful and necessary for many individuals and families.

Temporary housing from Corporate Comforts is the perfect housing solution for government travel that is flexible enough to handle various lengths of stay.

Whether you are an individual, group or family looking for government housing in El Paso or elsewhere, you can enjoy the exceptional value of the many different kinds of apartment homes we have available in this area, many of which are fully furnished residential apartments for a smoother living transition.

We work with all types of government housing needs for federal employees, cost-reimbursable defense contractors and the military, to name a few. Some of the common reasons individuals seek government housing are: temporary duty assignments, training and development, intern programs, relocation, project team members and permanent change of station.

When you decide to contact Corporate Comforts, you’ll be relieved to know that our staff are all trained in government requirements and can comply with your travel policy. We will work with you to place you in the perfect temporary government housing.

Relocating for any reason can be stressful, however, we understand how to work effectively with your governmental travel arrangements and can provide you with a seamless reservation process for an easy settling-in experience.

If you would like more information on government housing, contact Corporate Comforts today at 800-579-2550 and we will guide you through our housing options in more detail.

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