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Need an Extended Stay in San Antonio?

Need an Extended Stay in San Antonio?

Need an Extended Stay in San Antonio?

Need an Extended Stay in San Antonio?

Need an Extended Stay in San Antonio?

Relocation can happen for a variety of reasons; perhaps you are an employer or employee that is travelling for business and you need to find a location in San Antonio for a few months. Maybe you are a medical professional that travels the country to perform unique medical procedures and deliver lectures. Many of our guests are in the military and need a hospitable and comfortable environment for a few months. Perhaps your home was damaged and you need to relocate while the repairs to your house are made; whatever the reason, Corporate Comforts provides extended stay fully-furnished apartments for short-term stays and extended stays in San Antonio.

Short-Term Stay in San Antonio

All of our properties are conveniently located near popular attractions, interstate exits, restaurants, nightlife, and natural areas. Centrally located, our San Antonio properties make for easy work commutes; we have 12 different locations that our guests use for short term and extended stays! Just take a look at our locations page to see all of our properties. One of the most common questions that our guests ask is “what are some of the popular destinations near San Antonio that our guests love to frequent?” Read on to discover some hidden gems.

Things to do in San Antonio

San Antonio is a historically unique city with an equally distinctive culture. The city is known for its diversity (considering the vastly different populations that have inhabited San Antonio, such as early indigenous inhabitants, the Spanish colonization, the Texas fight for independence, and the German migration, to name a few) and this diversity can be seen in some of its most popular destinations. We’ve listed a few attractions that attract thousands upon thousands a year.

The Alamo

If you’ve taken a U.S. history course, I’m sure you’ve heard about The Alamo. The Alamo is one of the most historic sites in the Southern U.S. due to the famous battle that occurred there. The Battle of the Alamo played out in 1836 when a small band of U.S. soldiers defended themselves against a Mexican army of 3,000 over a 13-day period. This battle inspired many Texans to help join the fight against the Mexican army. “Remember The Alamo!” became a cry for Texan independence, which were the words many Texans shouted when they finally achieved their independence at that exact location. The battle site is now a National Monument and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site is free and open to the public.

The San Antonio River Walk

Considered one of the most popular daytime activities in San Antonio, the river walk lines and flows through the city center. There are many restaurants and stores that sit adjacent to the river; many people to choose to sit and have a meal while watching the barges that take sightseers sojourning through the city flow. Dinner cruises can be set up to accommodate 20 guests and are a fantastic get-away if nightclubs or loud bars are just not your things. Full of unique, boutique shops, this will satisfy your itching shopping bone. This area also offers a fully-guided river tour called the Go Rio San Antonio Cruises River Tour. This 30-minute ride clues you in on important parts of the history and culture of the city. Context is everything and a river walk and tour will help you get to know your new city. 

The Pearl District

This district is a hip, up-and-coming part of downtown San Antonio. It is home to trendy shops, historically preserved buildings and a reputation for good eating. Weekends at the Pearl District are a treat, vendors journey from over 150 miles to display their goods at a jubilant farmer’s market. At the market, you can find fresh produce, baked goods, sauces, and other items that just might tickle your fancy.

Culinary Institute of America Culinary Boot Camps

Our extended stay apartments have fully furnished kitchens, complete with everything you need to concoct a healthy and delicious meal. If you want to level-up your cooking skills, San Antonio can help make that dream a reality. San Antonio is one of only three cities that has the honor of being a Culinary Institute of America (CIA) location. Food has become a serious obsession in this city due to the CIA campus and the students it has brought to the area. The CIA offers many culinary boot camps that last between two to five days and can cover a variety of topics. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to prepare something new and interesting in the kitchen, San Antonio can be a great stepping-stone towards your culinary expertise.

Zoos and Museums in San Antonio

If you are traveling with kids, or just love animals, San Antonio is home to a variety of zoos and museums. Try visiting the San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium, which boasts 3,500 animals over 35 acres. If you have a natural curiosity of animals, their habitats, and their habits, the San Antonio Zoo is a perfect destination to help satisfy that interest. The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch offers a drive-through safari with over 50 free-roaming species as well!

The San Antonio Museum of Art offers art from all walks of life and many different parts of the globe. Naturally, a large section of the gallery is dedicated to historic Texan art, while other areas include Latin American, Asian, Roman, Egyptian, and contemporary pieces.

Theme Parks in San Antonio

If you’re into theme parks, San Antonio features a SeaWorld and a Six Flags, so there’ll be no shortage of fun! If you find yourself in need of temporary housing in San Antonio, these two theme parks make fantastic day trips to help you have some fun and relieve stress:

SeaWorld San Antonio

This wonderland lets theme park-goers the chance to get up-close and personal with animals such as polar bears, penguins, dolphins, killer whales, and a large variety of marine life. If you’ve ever wanted to see a killer whale show, this is the perfect destination to go on your day off! SeaWorld San Antonio is also home to a variety of animal-themed and sea-themed rides, such as their “The Great White”, which features corkscrews, 50-miles per hour rides, and 360-degrees flips. If you’ve brought your kids along for your extended stay, consider visiting their Sesame Street-themed area or their Shamu mini roller coaster specifically designed for children.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

From rides that scream “cutting-edge” to tried-and-true classics such as water slides, Ferris wheels, wave pools, and bumper cars, Six Flags Fiesta Texas offers rides and experiences for multiple thrill levels. With multiple restaurants, shows, rides, and experiences, Six Flags Fiesta is the perfect location to make a day out of.

San Pedro Springs Park

Free and open to the public, this park is the second oldest public park in America and San Antonio’s oldest park. Featuring a beautiful landscape, a free public pool, playgrounds, paved bike trails, a skate park, and multiple walking trails, this park has been meticulously designed around the surrounding creek and natural areas.

Extended Stay Apartments in San Antonio

How does a welcoming staff, an easy reservation process, luxury amenities, and flexible leasing terms sound? If you need to reserve a fully furnished apartment for travel or relocation purposes, Corporate Comforts is your premier temporary housing and apartment rental provider. At the fraction of a cost of luxury hotels and Air BnB, we offer all of the amenities they offer and more; whether it is for insurance purposes because your house was damaged in a storm, or you need to find a place to stay for an extended contract due to work, we help all individuals that need a place to stay regardless of their situation.

We provide fully furnished extended stay apartments and corporate housing for the traveler in need. We make your extended stay as convenient and easy as possible! No new furniture to buy, no lengthy homeowner contracts to sign and no headaches to be had.

Short-Term Stay Apartments in San Antonio

Our beautifully furnished apartments are available for a multitude of options: workforce housing, extended stay, government contractors, corporate housing, government TDY housing, relocation services, insurance housing, military housing, business travelers, extended vacations, and more! Our fully-furnished apartments are available for short term stay and extended stay contracts.

Some of our amenities include:

  • Pools
  • Community centers
  • Full kitchens (with utensils and house ware!)
  • Washer and Dryer
  • WiFi and premium cable
  • Premium furniture and artwork
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Movie theaters
  • Gyms
  • Pools
  • Your very own housing specialist

Corporate housing is the best-kept secret in the temporary housing and lodging world. Known by many names, such as extended stays, serviced apartments, temporary apartments, and furnished housing, we offer guests a home away from home for an extended amount of time.

If you know that you are going to spend an extended amount of time in San Antonio in the coming months and are fed up with hotels and other conventional options, give us a call at (800) 579-2550 or visit our information page to find out more!

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