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Housing for Permian Basin Workers

A Texas city in the heart of the Permian Basin – Midland, TX – is the epicenter for one of the largest oil booms in recent years. With the rebound of the oil industry, the housing demand in the Permian Basin has surged in the last year. Reports say that a Midland home, on average, only takes 28 days to sell due to the huge influx of workers trying to make their fortune in the industry. Midland is topping the U.S. housing market thanks to this oil boom. Companies are willing to pay large salaries due to a previous labor shortage and many people and companies are looking to strike liquid gold.

Finding the right housing can be difficult if you are relocating to Midland for the oil boom. While many workers are searching for a new home, temporary housing is necessary, as it is substantially cheaper than most hotels and other living solutions. Bloomberg has reported that many Midland hotels are going for 400-600$ a night! Shady hotel owners are taking complete advantage of the situation, as it can be difficult to find housing on such a short notice.

Workforce Housing in the Permian Basin

It doesn’t matter whether you are a business owner managing a large team of employees or an employee yourself; this oil boom is bringing in thousands of new workers due to a labor shortage. Corporate Comforts offers a great option for employers seeking housing for on-site employees. As previously stated, temporary housing and workforce housing provided by Corporate Comforts is vastly cheaper when compared to some of the opportunistic rates that hotels are charging workers and employers.

oil well in the permian basin

We have the ability to set up multiple beds per unit (i.e. – twin beds are provided for two-person rooms), with much more space provided than a traditional hotel or “man camp”. We offer amenities such as a washer/dryer for the prompt cleaning of soiled clothing as well. No one wants to work a 12-hour shift in unwashed clothing, and we provide you and your workers with the resources to prevent that.

Temporary Housing in Midland, TX

Corporate Comforts provides beautiful corporate and furnished apartments in many different locations in the Permian Basin. Just take a look at some of our options in Midland; you’ll realize very quickly that this is a step up from some of the more-traditional workforce solutions in Midland. After a long shift, enjoy your downtime by relaxing at the pool, cooking dinner in a stylish kitchen complete with an oven and stove top, and unwinding in front of the TV or at the gym.

We offer walk-in closets, beautiful wood-style flooring, community pools, room for pets, media rooms, billiards rooms, and spacious, luxurious housing options. We can accommodate you no matter what your needs are; we offer multiple packages based on your needs and the needs of your workers. For the discerning business owner or working professional, Corporate Comforts can provide temporary housing for relocation in the Permian Basin and more. Give us a call today at (800)-579-2550 for additional information regarding our apartments in the Midland, Texas area.

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