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Corporate Housing vs. Subletting


Sometimes you need to spend a few months away from home. For whatever reason, if you find yourself in El Paso, TX for a few months and need temporary or corporate housing, Corporate

Comforts has you covered for a fair price. When your travels require a 30 day stay or more, you can count on us to provide the best solution for your housing needs. Our elegantly furnished apartments provide every convenience of a hotel, while being much larger and more affordable than an extended stay hotel or sublet.

Subletting comes with a few risks; risks that would be mitigated after choosing temporary housing through Corporate Comforts. With impeccably clean rooms, we offer a space where you can relax in peace and quiet. Renting a room out from a stranger can come with unnecessary burdens: a dirty common room, misplaced/stolen belongings, and loud noises after hours are a few of the common complaints that we have heard from clients that had previously subletted before choosing our housing. In our opinion, you can’t put a price on comfort and safety. We have multiple locations in El Paso that provide comfort, cleanliness, and security for you and your belongings.

Our turn-key apartments give you privacy in an attractive and spacious living environment and a place that has all of the comforts of home – without a stranger in the kitchen. Whether you are a student, corporate professional, a service woman/man on temporary military duty, or in the area for family obligations, we offer a price that will make you think twice about an extended stay hotel or sublet. Our housing is close to major shopping areas and entertainment venues, and we provide a welcoming staff that provides a home away from home. Subletting often leads to less privacy, less space, and less peace of mind. Trust us when we say that Corporate Comforts is the right decision for your temporary housing needs.

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